Bug/feature: apple health meal times

I’m just waiting for the app to sync with Apple health and include times so my Gyroscope app show my daily summaries correctly.


  • Looks like playing nice with Apple health isn’t a huge priority. I will keep checking back but changing back to another app for food tracking.

  • It would be nice if the time stamps (a premium feature) transferred over to Apple Health.

    from what I can tell working with an app developer, is that it is erasing and rewriting an entry. And none of my other apps are picking up my macro nutrients from Cronometer.

    In recording blood glucose, the time stamp is important. It needs to go over to Apple health.

    As this is not a priority, I am going to have to write the sub to this app off as a waste.

  • @efrose This is a huge priority, but please note this is beta software, i.e. it is not finished yet. We are still working hard on this. Software is difficult and takes time.

  • While improving syncing dietary energy, it would also be nice to have the meal name as well as the correct timestamp

  • Has this been implemented? I having this problem as well. All Apple Health data only syncs at midnight. Not the timestamp in which it was entered.

  • No, it has not. I have been a beta tester for 2 years waiting for this feature.

  • 2 years after, still not implemented but flagged as huge priority. Must not have the same meaning everywhere. Meantime, many other apps are able to add entries with the right timestamp with no issues in Apple Health...

  • Update on 6/25/21

    the latest build allows for real-time updates, but now my exercise done import in.

  • Hi @efrose could you provide some more details about the issue you are experiencing? Are you having trouble importing exercise from Apple health?

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  • Good news for the actual timestamp. Not sure if this is related to that or not, but the total shown in Cronometer for Proteins, Carbs and Fats is different from what's logged in Apple Health, and Cronomoter is the ONLY app adding nutrition information in Apple Health for me. You can see totals for yesterday, June 27 for instance, and this is not limited to yesterday.

    Cronometer totals:

    Totals from Apple Health:

    Thank you :)

  • @Hilary the issue resolved. Thank you

  • @Hilary what about the discrepancy between amounts in Cronometer and Apple Health? Checked again today, it's still way off, even more than last time I checked.

  • @_mez @Hilary

    I noticed if I go back and add something to the previous day it seemed like apple was picking it up as the current day. If you would check and see if this is the case for you?

    when I worked on a water logging app saw this happen where the date and time added over wrote the edited time. This was about 7 + years ago, but could still be an issue. I will pay a bit more attention to it since I don’t have any screen grabs of it yet.

  • OK so someone explained my issue with the totals in Apple Health in details here and this is exactly what happens: https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/4596/bug-explode-recipe-on-iphone-leaves-original-recipe-data-in-apple-health

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