Bug/feature: apple health meal times

I’m just waiting for the app to sync with Apple health and include times so my Gyroscope app show my daily summaries correctly.


  • Looks like playing nice with Apple health isn’t a huge priority. I will keep checking back but changing back to another app for food tracking.

  • It would be nice if the time stamps (a premium feature) transferred over to Apple Health.

    from what I can tell working with an app developer, is that it is erasing and rewriting an entry. And none of my other apps are picking up my macro nutrients from Cronometer.

    In recording blood glucose, the time stamp is important. It needs to go over to Apple health.

    As this is not a priority, I am going to have to write the sub to this app off as a waste.

  • @efrose This is a huge priority, but please note this is beta software, i.e. it is not finished yet. We are still working hard on this. Software is difficult and takes time.

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