Keto Mojo?

Do you use your Keto mojo and input the readings into chronometer? How often do you test? Right now I’m thinking of testing 1 hour after waking up, and then after each meal. Or should I test before each meal? Before and after each meal? Or a set time of day


  • I use KetoMojo app and input manually into Cronometer, Apple Health seems to pick up the glucose reading directly. Of course you have to calculate GKI ratio manually, hopefully KetoMojo will add that soon.
    Strips are pricey but if you want to test all those times you will get a better initial assessment of your ketosis status. After I saw consistent results I started testing about 3 times a week fasting, and before and after random meals but not every day.
    Interesting to test after a restaurant meal as well!
    My main goal is to stay in therapeutic ketosis. Depending on your goal, test accordingly, for example nutritional ketosis wouldn't require such rigorous testing protocol as you are doing right now. But in the beginning, it's fun!

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  • I enter manually for now.

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