Icons on calendar

This is a feature I would love to see and that is to have icons on the calendar for things we have entered daily, for example if we worked out that day to have lets say maybe an icon of a barbell and if we have logged in our food for the day have an icon of an apple, and same thing for notes and also if we have logged in our weight on a certain day to maybe have an icon of a scale same thing with blood pressure etc. I used to use an app years ago that had this and it was so helpful because say if you want to go back and see previous notes all you have to do is go into your calendar and you can see all the days that you logged in notes and just click on the icon and read what you enter, same thing with workouts say you want to see what workouts you did the previous months all you need to do is look at calendar and click on the workout icon, same goes for food you can see on which days you logged in food and what days you didn't. This would be so helpful especially for those who like to go back and see past workouts and food logs and so on. I hope this is something that maybe you can think about because its so much easier then to go through each day to see if we workout out or if we have any important notes etc.



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