Add hip size as a biometric

Good biometric options available but I have two things to say. Hip width/hip size is a very relevant measurement to women because that's where we carry a lot of our fat. I am surprised it is not an option to track. And it's ridiculous that you can track your height which doesn't change?! Obviously the biometrics section was developed by men. Please replace height with hip width. Otherwise love your app!


  • @ShangrowLa You can add your own biometrics by clicking on Add Biometric, then the green + icon on the left of the default biometric. I added three I'm tracking and my only gripe is that they are all the way at the bottom of the biometrics list, most of which I do not track; I would LOVE to be able to reorder biometrics.
    As for height, I'm sure there are dieticians and mothers who use Cronometer to track their children's nutrition and height tracking would be relevant there. Maybe even teens who use the app to track their own health. And many of us old ladies who are just hoping and praying we don't shrink with age :smiley:

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  • @VegasTortoise that's a valid point about kids! It didn't occur to me that someone might use this to track someone else's data.

    I don't have a green + to add a custom biometric. Are you using a different version of the app? I'm using the android app.

  • IOS 10. Maybe it is a Gold subscriber feature? Well worth it IMHO

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  • It definitely is worth upgrading to Gold.


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