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Hey all! Excited and happy to be using Cronometer!

Curious if anyone knows-- if I want to see when was the last time I had a food- say when I last had coffee- is there a way to search past entries?


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    Hi @Lisoosh,

    Great question! You can't specifically search, but there are a couple of options for you:

    1. On your web browser, open your diary tab and select a day on the calender in the top left corner. You can flip through the days to see when you last had coffee there.
    2. On your web browser, select the trends tab; Scroll down to the bottom graph that charts nutrient intake. You can select a nutrient you know is a high amount in that food, for instance "Caffeine" to see on which days you might have had coffee last. This isn't foolproof, but could provide some insight.

    You can do both of these on your mobile app as well, but I find it a bit more user friendly to look through your diary and on the trends tab on your web browser! Hope this helps!


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    edited September 2020

    Thank you for suggestions. What if I need to find a bio-metric value from half a year ago?
    Update: I was able to do it using Trends.

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