Trouble syncing Polar device

I am having trouble with my Polar device not syncing to my Cronometer diary. Workouts show up on iPhone and laptop immediately; but not on Cronometer


  • Clarification to my post: Polar device is syncing with Cronometer diary on mobile, but not on laptop (although Polar flow shows the workouts on the laptop). Any ideas?

  • Hi @AZKris have you checked out our device troubleshooting document? Learn more here:

    If, after following the steps outlined in the above link, you are still encountering problems, please contact [email protected]

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • I came to the forum to report on Polar issues as well.

    I have had issues with the Polar sync as well since over a week at least. It seems the data is pushed/pulled over to Cronometer at random times, if at all. Sometimes a day later or even two, sometimes not at all, and sometimes calories from workouts are mixed with the daily activity, showing up twice, then correcting after a day or so, sometimes not correcting at all. I have tried syncing over mobile as well as USB to the same result. It all shows up perfectly in Polar Flow but only randomly if at all in Cronometer. Something definitely has changed with the Polar sync a week or so ago, which is causing these issues, since it was working well for me previously for over a year.

  • Danross-my experience exactly; and over the same time frame.

  • Thanks for the feedback @AZKris and @Danross .
    I have reported this to our developers. Please let me know right away if anything changes with your Polar sync in the next couple of days.
    One more thing to try - have you tried unlinking, and then using the Cronometer website as opposed to the mobile Cronometer app to link your device?

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Still the same issues, unlinking/relinking doesn't make a difference, neither does it matter whether data is synced to mobile or to desktop app via USB. As mentioned before, the data in Polar Flow shows up immediately and correctly as it always did, but it doesn't get pushed to Cronometer in any reliable way anymore, but seemingly at random times much later or sometimes not at all. Therefor the issue has to be with the API sync from Polar Flow to Cronometer.

  • Since on or about Friday, April 5, the sync between FitBit and Cronometer is not syncing as users have reported here for Polar Devices. The data may appear a day later.

  • Wanted to report that FitBit and Cronometer sync are happily "back together" and in sync again today with no action on my part. My thanks to the IT Tech that plugged the Integration LAN cable back in after it was kicked out by accident. Yes... dry humor.

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