3 Improvements I'd like to see

Many things to like about the beta-versions. After using it for several weeks, here are 3 things that I think would make it even better.

1.) When moving through past days, we press the "<>" keys. But this only let's us go one day at a time. I'd like sn ">|" arrow option, that would allow users to immediately jump to the present day. This way, if you are looking at days recorded weeks prior, you can zoom back immediately to the present day.

2.) This was a feature of the pre-beta version: where you could chose to add a food, and add another food, and another, without going back to the entire day's listing. This was allowed through touching the '+' option. The beta versions don't seem to allow for this.. so if I'm adding 10 foods, I have to go back to 'add food' each time. Seems like a lot of unnecessary steps.

3.) Is there a way to 'mark' or highlight' specific days, to make them 'notable' in some way? And then we'd be able to have a listing of the 'special dates' that we want to look back on, to look at closely, or remember for whatever special reason we may have.


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    I like most of the beta as well.
    For number 1 in the release version you could tap the date and the date picker defaulted to today, the beta defaults to the day you are viewing.

    For number 2, in setting/diary settings, do you have ‘Always multi-add foods to diary’ on or off?

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    Thanks for the feedback @InspiredSquare.

    For #3, you can mark days as 'complete' (see the menu options in the diary), and then use that to filter complete days only in the reports and charts.

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    Very helpful, thank you both.
    Allan: #2, as you suspected, I didn't have that setting 'always multi-add foods to diary' on.. it now is. As for #1, if I go back to an older date, and tap the date, it defaults to the date I've returned to, not to the present day. Having it default to the present/current date seems like a logical improvement... unless I"m missing something here.

    Aaron: #3: that's an elegant move-around, that I will use going forward.

    Much appreciated to you both!

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