Original Bars for Consumed and Burned

I really liked the original layout with the bars. It would show how much of each category (carbohydrates, protein, fat, alcohol) and what remained while the second bar would show calories burned. It was easy to see my goals and I really liked it. It was like I was competing to keep the remaining as high as possible. The circles are harder to look at and don't have the missing section of remaining calories. I was using this tool almost religiously with that older design, but the new one just made me not try and eventually I just stopped logging.

Can we get the option to use the older style as an option?


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    Hello @kayot ,

    Thanks for reaching out! I will pass this feedback along to our designers!

    The bars are now circles -- all the same information is still there, just in a more compact display. You should still see a 'Consumed' and 'Burned' pie-chart with the segments for each macro around the totals in the center.

    On the website, you should also have a purple 'Calories Remaining' box displaying how many calories you can have! Please let me know if you do not see one.

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