[bug] [suggestion] Using recipes

I know y'all are busy and this would have to be back burner, but...

I just downloaded a recipe app (which will mean duplicating recipes, which will lead to errors when they get out of sync because I change something in one place and forget to change it in the other). I did this because

  • I tried to use the notes section to put the instructions for the recipe. When I get down on the page to where the keyboard is, I can't see what I'm typing after that because it doesn't scroll. (I'm pretty sure a non-ios standard -- this time the text field -- is biting us again.) Also can't print or use it easily. Have to screenshot to use it.
  • In lieu of a working notes screen, I could use a the ability to add notes to the recipe line items. That would be cool. (Plus, when I have to use weird quantities because of the database limitations, I could tell myself what it translates to.)


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