Family Sharing Broken

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First of all, thanks for this wonderful app. It's been amazing so far.

Unfortunately with today's update, we've run into an issue.

I purchased the app a couple of weeks ago and my wife installed it through family sharing. We both purchased a 6 month gold subscription and everything has been great.

The update works fine for me, but my wife just gets the error message below followed by a white screen. She is stuck and can't record anything. We tried reinstalling the app with no luck.

Edit: Add screenshot of error.


  • Well, that was quick. New update today fixed the issue so we are back in business!

    Thank you!

  • Glad to hear it @KevinB73 Please let us know if you run into this again, but it should be fixed for good, now!

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  • Thanks Hilary!

    There is one other issue with family sharing we have been having.

    1. My wife adds a serving of a custom recipe (created on my phone) to her diary.
    2. I make a change to the custom recipe on my end (say, ingredient quantity or servings)
    3. My wife removes the serving and re-adds it expecting to get the updated copy, but nothing changes (cached copy?)

    Currently I have to create a copy of the recipe with a new name and have her use that to get the updated version.

    Im not positive, but I think restarting the app may help.. I have to test that next time.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  • Hi Kevin, yes please let me know if restarting the app works for this issue. I have not been able to replicate the problem by switching accounts on a single device, but the app will require one or both of you to either sign out or restart the app to update with changes made on the other user's account.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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