Android app crashes a lot since update a few weeks ago.

If I "Add Food" and then start typing too fast the app will crash. Or sometimes I don't have to type anything and it crash anyway.

Also I typed "japanese" into the food search once, and then the app decided that I must be Japanese, and started converting everything into funny Japanese numbers.

Overall the app is just less usable and it takes longer to log my food. Like I select a food and then the "Add Serving" menu comes up. Then the keyboard pops up a moment later and shifts the entire menu slightly so it dodges your fingers. Then you enter the serving size and hit "Done" the keyboard closes and the entire "Add Serving" menu does another teleport. I think an important thing to keep in mind when you are designing a UI is that people generally dont want things they are interacting with to jump around the page.


  • Hello @cefird ,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

    Are you still experieincing these issues with the newest update that was released?

    Please email us at with the make and model of your device.


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  • The latest 3.0 version is still crashing constantly while adding food. My device is a Galaxy s6. I have switched back to 2.0 for now.

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    Thanks for reporting this @cefird . Our developers are working on a fix for this issue, and I will let you know when it has been resolved. Thanks for your patience, and my apologies for the inconvenience!

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  • Agree. Version 3.0.6 is useless - literally, as it crashes upon starting.

    The app has always been a PITA to use compared to the website; and, it just keeps getting worse (except for the bit many versions ago when it went back to displaying more entries without need to scroll [i.e., eliminating whitespace]).
    It's only good for occasional entries on a mobile device when a PC isn't available.

  • Thanks for reporting the issue @foofoo we hope to have this resolved soon! Please contact with details about your device type, app version number and any other relevant details about the crash. These details are important for us to be able to effectively and efficiently address the issue! My apologies for the inconvenience.
    If you have feedback and suggestions about the useability of the new design of the app, we would love to hear them. We make changes to the app based on user research and feedback like yours.

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  • So I was using the free version of cronometer because it was on 2.0, but it looks like that one was just forced to the buggy 3.0 version as well. Not sure what I'm going to do now since it constantly crashes when I try to add food. For now I have cancelled my gold subscription.

  • My app started crashing about 4-5 days ago and hasn't opened since. I think the last update broke it. Is this bug going to be fixed soon?

  • Hi @Radx we would like to deal with this right away! thanks so much for reporting it. Will you please email with specifics about the crash? Please include version number, device type and on which screen (Which action) the crash is occuring on. Thanks!

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  • Hillary, I submitted a report every day for the past 5 daya

  • Hi @Radx submitting a report is helpful for the device perspective, however in order to address it ourselves, we need to know some more details! Please email with the details listed above so we can look into and fix it! Thanks!

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  • I did, but the report button that I have been using (it comes up every time I click on the app and it invariably crashes on start) has the advantage of having attached the full system log. Surely that's more helpful than me describing the problem in my own words!?

  • Still no help from the support team and I have been without app for more than a week now.

    Reluctantly, I will need to switch to a different app and review accordingly

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