OpenScale as a gateway for all smart (bluetooth) scales

edited April 2019 in Feature Requests

Openscale is an open software that supports a large number of bluetooth scales.
It would be smart move for the developers of Cronometer to link Cronometer with Openscale because this software is a great gateway for the users to get biometric data (weight, body fat, body water and lean body mass, etc) from a large number of smart (bluetooth) scales. It would be waste of time and resource to try to support each brand of scale.

It would be like to request the developers to sync Cronometer with OpenScale.

Currently, Openscale supports a large number of smart (Bluetooth) scales:

  • Beurer BF700, BF710 and BF800
  • Digoo DG-S038H
  • Excelvan CF369BLE
  • Exingtech Y1
  • Hesley (Yunchen)
  • MGB
  • Medisana BS444, BS440
  • Runtastic Libra
  • Sanitas SBF70
  • Silvercrest SBF75
  • Xiaomi Mi scale v1 and v2
  • Yunmai Mini and SE
  • iHealth HS3
  • Easy Home 64050
  • growing everyday.....*


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