[BUG] App freeze during keyboard input

edited April 2019 in Beta Testing

This has been happening intermittently (but starting to happen more often) in the two most recent builds (current build is 301):

I don't have specific steps to reproduce, but after adding several items to my food log, minimizing the app, and coming back to it (sometimes several instances of that before the slowdown occurs) I've observed keyboard input (typing in food log item names, and even logging in to my Oura account to link the wearable) causing the app to become completely unresponsive, and the iOS keyboard keys that have been pressed will queue up and slowly input one at a time over the next 10-20 seconds. The freeze will sometimes be long/bad enough that the iOS keyboard key will sit on the screen in its pressed state for several seconds before the next-pressed key enters into the field.


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