Version 301 Problem...

I installed it last night. Even though preferences are set for all the Health Data to go into my "Acitivity Info" meal they were placed in Breakfast...


  • How do you set it to do that?

  • It's a preference on the web and the iPhone app in settings.

  • My Health data frequently first appears in my Uncategorized Group (first group) then eventually moves to my Biometrics Group (last group) as set in the settings. Most of the time it happens within seconds sometimes it takes a few minutes. Not sure if this is an app thing or a web thing.

  • @JGLongIsland The only thing i see in iPhone settings for cronometer is access permissions (camera, etc.) What am I missing?

  • In the Cronometer app goto SETTINGS, Diary Setting (under General) then Dairy Groups.

  • Thanks! I guess my eyes had passed over the "Import data from device..." option because I had no idea what it meant. Thank you thank you.

  • Thanks, guys! We had noticed this was happening when backfilling and our developers were checking it out, but good to know this is happening for current data as well. I have updated them! :)

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