Summary bars display maximum and minimum.

Currently, The Calories Summary fills up a bar determined and labeled only by minimum goal set.

But, I am targeting a range between a minimum and maximum, so 120% of my protein doesn't tell me anything except that I've met the minimum amount - which I set to be what I'd like to get if I don't work out that day - but what if I did work out? Did I overdo my protein or did I meet that goal... I have to look at the maximum goal I entered to answer this question, and it'd be great if it would be summarized in the calories summary.



  • Hi @TheNerdy9
    It sounds like you may be interested in using the macro ratios option when settings your macronutrient targets. Setting a ratio will take into account Calories burned when giving you your daily targets. Learn more in the user manual:

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  • Hi @Hilary ,

    If I did ratio goals, then I can't have a protein minimum and maximum by gram. I would like to aim for a minimum of 1.2 g of protein/kg and a maximum of 1.6 g of protein/kg. So, I set my minimum to 72g and my maximum to 96g so that I can target 72g on my recovery days and 96g on my workout days. (A 20g protein shake does the trick).

    So, unfortunately there's no way for me to monitor my goal at summary without memorizing the maximum (or clicking on it to remind me of my goal).

    Because I wanted to set specific goals for protein, I had to set specific goals for carbohydrates and fat, so I had to do some math:

    calorie target range 1271-1771
    Fat 20-35% 9 calories/g
    Carbs 45-65% 4 calories/g

    Lower Limit Fat:
    (20%)1271/9 = 28.24 g
    1771/9 = 39.35 g
    Upper Limit Fat
    (35%)1271/9 = 49.42 g
    1771/9 = 68.87 g

    I decided to use the wider limits 28.24 - 68.87 g and with the intention to aim for the middle.

    Again, the summary will only tell me if I hit 100%, the minimum limit.

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    Ah, I see the issue now. The colour of the target bar in the nutrients summary will change based on if you are below min, within targets, or exceeding maximum. It won't be visible in the macronutrients summary, but will be easily accessible if you set your protein, fat, etc as highlighted targets. You can also see this graphic in the lower nutrient summary section.
    You can learn more here:

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    I think what he means is that it would be easier to be able to see the protein, fat, carb min and max intake at a glance rather then click on it to see it, even when highlighted it still won’t show you your min and max intake at a glance you still have to click on it.


  • I've been playing around with it to try to intuitively set my nutritional goals. @Hilary maybe it's just the summary interface that I'm not jiving with? Or I've set up my profile wrong?

    Even if I set it to the ratio that I am currently eating, it still tells me I need to eat more - and in any other diet I've tested, usually says I need more carbs or more protein. I know I'm good on protein. And I don't see how I need more carbs. I eat plenty of bagels and pasta on the regular.

    I've imported my fitbit and strava data in with heart rate. I have a higher than normal resting heart rate. But I'm getting less than 5000 steps on average each day and I only work out for 30 minutes of intense interval cardio 2-3 times per week. I highly doubt I need to consume 2700 calories, my initial BMR + light activity calulated I eat 1700 to maintain my weight.

    Some troubleshooting tips would be most appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

  • @TheNerdy9 please contact with screenshots of the discrepancies you are seeing so we can look into your account setttings with you!

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