Restaurant Food Options

Is there a way to choose remove or edit certain stats for a food option? Say you get a sandwich/burger with no bread from a restaurant and you go to add it on the app, there usually isnt an option for "sandwich, no bread" or "sandwich, no toppings". There will sometimes be "no mayo/mustard" options but its rare. I'm sure adding the extra info would take a while, so is there a way to at least do it manually?


  • Hello @DoubleDot ,

    On the website, you can add your burger with bun, and then add 'Hamburger Bun, White' with a negative value as a serving size to get a close approximation for that meal. You can then create a custom recipe for that meal by multi-selecting these two ingredients (by holding down the 'Shift' key) entered into your diary, right click on them and select "Create recipe from selected items".



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  • Great helpful explanation!

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