An error, not a bug

Everything I read says sunflower seeds including sunbutter have high levels of vitamin e, but cronometer tells me there's none. Can this be fixed? I'm aiming for 100% of micronutrients. Thanks!


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    Check out this blog post about how to choose the best data for your needs here: https://cronometer.com/blog/6-tips-getting-nutrition-data/

    If your priority is to get the most detailed information for a food, I recommend choosing entries from the NCCDB in the Common Foods Tab. By choosing entries in the common foods tab (as described in the above link to Blog post) you can ensure that you are getting accurate information. Products that haven't been analyzed by NCCDB and USDA, have nutrition labels that only include a very basic set of nutrients mandated by law. We are not a lab and do not test foods for their nutrient content, so can only provide the information that is available to us from the manufacturer.

    Try using the NCCDB listing in our database"Sunflower Seeds, Raw", Food #451792

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