Daily Nutrition Summary

Can we get the same Daily nutrition summary as on the mobile version? What I mean my this is that on the mobile version it will give you what you have consumed/your goal and the percentage this is great cause you can see your goal vs your intake at a glance, on the web version all it tells you at a glance is what you have consumed and the percentage, in order to see your goal you have to click on it which can be not as user friendly as many of us like seeing things right as a glance. Ive provided some photos

this is the mobile version as you can see for example fat you can see how much you have consumed which is 62.8 and 27.3 which is the goal so it looks like this 62.8/27.3 g and then the percentage this is so much easier.

Then you have the web version which does not provide your goal at a glance all you can see is the amount consumed and the percentage, I know you say that all you have to do is click on it to see the goal but many of us like to see it at a glance as it’s more user friendly and less cumbersome.


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