[BUG] Re-Linking Oura Ring Fails

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Using the latest release: 3.0.4 (310)

I noticed that data from my Oura Ring data was no longer importing into the app, and I'm no longer able to link my Oura account.

The steps all seem to successfully complete: I'm able to log in on the Oura login page and I click 'allow' when attempting to allow access, but then it brings me back to the device link page in Cronometer and my Oura ring is not linked. I attempted creating the link multiple times and it did not work.

Unsure if this is true only for Oura or if it's all devices (I only have the Oura ring and Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch links through a different process).


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    Thanks for letting us know @wdavidow. Our developers are hoping to have a fix for this in the next web server update. I'll let you know when this happens!

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    Using release 3.0.6 (b315f)

    Oura ring connects after a few attempts but no longer syncs at all. I can get it to sync by heading over to my iPhone which does not have a beta version of the app, disconnecting Oura and reconnecting daily. This cheat doesn’t appear to be working on the beta version.


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    Apologies - it’s working - there is just a delay (a few hours) and all the info is synced through.

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    I've actually been noticing something similar, and not just limited to my Oura ring.. it also applies to imports from Apple Health:

    I'll complete an activity/workout that is tracked in Apple Health and there's a large delay (haven't figured out the interval, but as @CraigLee_001 noted it seems like a few hours) in that data being imported into Cronometer... unless I manually quit the application (on an iPhone X / XS, I mean swiping up to show all applications and swipe up on the Cronometer card to close the application); at that point re-opening the app will immediately import the missing data. Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but it is a deviation from the immediate import that would happen in the past without any delay and/or having to quit the app.

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    This still appears to be an issue in v 3.0.11 (331).

    However, it's more about the device link maintaining its connection. It will work for a day or two and then disconnect. It is easier to re-link - all i need to do is click the link button and it already has the authentication from the previous link and everything works again, but it still feels like there are bugs to iron out here with maintaining the actual device link.

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