Change is Inevitable

Good Morning,

Change is definitely inevitable. One thing is for certain, change takes a bit of getting used to. That said, there are a few recent changes with the Android app that made the application a bit more difficult to use. Namely, in the custom foods/recipes. In previous versions, as you scrolled through the custom entries, a header would stay on top of the column that would indicate if you were in custom foods, or custom recipes. That header is now gone, which makes it relatively difficult to tell if you are looking at one, or the other.

One change that I would like to suggest for a future version, would be the ability to search custom foods/recipes, similar to what is on the website. I use a lot of custom foods and recipes, and scrolling through hundreds of entries is time consuming and cumbersome. It would make tracking using the Android app incredibly easier and so much more efficient.


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    @wklambert great suggestions! I have passed on your feedback about the sticky header to our designer. I can definitely see how this will be helpful, especially if you have log lists of custom foods and recipes.

    A number of users have also asked for the ability to search their custom foods and recipes and we have it on our list to implement it - similar to the website version.

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