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On the beta-version for about 6 weeks now. Like a lot about it. Here's what I think could make it ever better:
1.) Editing a recipe is easy, but taking an existing recipe, and modifying it, and being able to save that as an entirely new recipe, I don't know if that's possible, and it sure would be convenient. For example, I have a go-to smoothie, but sometimes I add 2 TBS of flax, or run out of chia seeds, whatever. Being able to quickly adjust that recipe, without having to make and save an entirely new recipe would be grand. A similar capability I'd like to see: taking an existing recipe, clicking on edit, and being able to quickly add or subtract new ingredients, and then name it something new and quickly have an additional recipe variation.

2.) I wonder if there is a way to use body mass, time spent, and quantity of magnesium salts.. to be able to estimate Mg intake, from a bath?

3.) I'd like to be able to click on an ingredient, and then touch it again, and quickly alter that to another ingredient, within that ingredient. it would be a 'replace' feature.. instead of having to erase, then add, then find the new ingredient. Is this already possible? Perhaps I've missed it.

Keep up the great work!


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    Thanks for the suggestions @InspiredSquare ! So glad youa re enjoying Cronometer!
    There are a couple of options already in place that I think might address a couple of your questions.
    You can edit a copy of your recipe. Go to Foods > Recipes > choose your recipe > edit your recipe > choose "Save a copy" by tapping the menu in the top right corner.
    This will retain your original recipe but also save your edited recipe.
    You can also use the explode recipe feature to quickly edit ingredients for one time use instead of saving a whole new recipe. Check out the article Crono-Hacks for Power Users to learn more

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