a nice feature for the mobile version would be to have a full calendar on the left hand side just like the web version, right now if let’s say I want to go to last month to check specific days I have to go back day per day individually as opposed to just going to the full calendar and clicking on the date, as well having a full calendar will also let you know what day of the week it is when looking at past dates which right now all it tell you is the month and day of the month for example.... April 2, it does not tell you what day do the week it is. Unless it is there somewhere and I can’t see it lol.



  • Well don’t I feel kind of stupid I just figured out how to do this on the mobile app, had no idea that all you had to do was tap on the date and a calendar window would pop-up Allowing you to pick month and the day of the week and year, so sorry, pretty soon I’m going to be fired as a gold member due to all my annoyances LOL 😂😂😂


  • You're doing great @fitgirl ! Cronometer has a LOT of features (And as such can be a pretty powerful tool ;) ). We do our best to make most features easily visible, but the limited space on the mobile app leads to some features being more hidden.
    It is still good to know that you had trouble finding it, as this is valuable info I can pass on to our design team for future updates for other new users!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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