Android app not syncing weight with Google Fit

Every morning, I add my weight to the Android cronometer app. Google Fit sync is on, but the weight does not show up in Fit.


  • I have tried disabling/reenabling sync to Google Fit. It did not help.

  • I have also noticed that it does not sync calories through Google Fit. I also use Strong. Strong gets it's calorie information from Google Fit. At least since the update, no calorie information is filtering through to Strong, so my assumption is that Cronometer isn't syncing with Google Fit.

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    @bartman @Bellamira we do not import values from Google Fit.

    We recommend that you log your foods directly in Cronometer in order to get a complete and accurate record of all tracked nutrients. Entering foods with only values for Calories will skew your other macro- and micro-nutrient target values.
    We recommend you use the Google Fit sync to track activity or biometrics, and import that value to Cronomenter.

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  • @hilary, I'm confused.

    I use Cronometer to input everything (weight, food, other biometrics).

    When I sync...

    The good: my activity comes from Google Fit to Cronometer.

    The bad: I'm not seeing my weight in Google Fit.

    Are you saying that Cronometer only imports biometrics/activity, and only exports calories???

    (i.e. it's not going both ways)

  • @Hilary

    I am logging my food directly into Cronometer. This data should then be exported to Google Fit (or perhaps Google Fit should be able to import it, when required). It looks like this is not happening (Google Fit is unable to get/read data from Cronometer). I believe this is the same behavior that @bartman is describing, just with biometric data instead of calorie/nutritional data.

    Based one our two instances, it would appear that Cronometer is not making it's data available for Google Fit to consume.

    Thank you!

  • @Hilary, and like @Bellamira, I am also not seeing any nutrition information showing up in Google Fit.

    The only thing that is getting synced for me are activities; and they come from Google Fit into Cronometer.

  • My apologies; Cronometer only imports data to Google Fit. Google fit does not import data from Cronometer.

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  • @Hilary

    It seems to me that the method in which Cronometer makes data available to Google Fit - whether Google Fit has to get it or whether Cronometer pushes it - is irrelevant in this case. Regardless of how it does it, there is supposed to be a mechanism in place that allows Google Fit to collect data originally entered into Cronometer. That functionality is broken. My assumption is that this is an issue with Cronometer code, since it seemed to be working up until the latest Cronometer code release.

    Hardware: Google Pixel 3
    OS: Android 9 ("Pie")
    Cronometer: 3.0.6
    Google Fit: 2.11.39

  • @Hilary, I'm disappointed in the lacking functionality.

  • Just wanted to chime in that I have the same issue with cronometer, Google fit, and Strong weightlifting app.

    As the others have stated, it seems that cronometer and Google fit are not talking to each other, be it import/export in whose-ever side.

    Workouts logged in the Strong app are showing up in Google fit and cronometer.

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    I just wanted to chime in that I was also really hoping to use:

    Cronometer -> Google Fit -> Strong

    To have my nutrition information show up in Strong. Google Fit as a middle ground between Cronometer and Strong should be possible. Especially because MyFitnessPal does this without any problems at all. MFP pushes any food information to Google Fit and then Google Fit pushes this to Strong without any problems at all.

    Because Cronometer cannot (will not?) do this it means I don't have really any reason to use Cronometer, least of all pay for it. As it stands, also because Cronometer cannot (again, will not?) push data to Garmin about my calories/food intake, it seems that Cronometer is hoarding this information and not sharing it elsewhere. At least if you won't make a deal with Garmin, please then at least use Google Fit's ability to do this.

    I'm not sure about Garmin but Google Fit is well and truly ready and able to take this information and pass it on to other apps if we wish. You need only set up a way to send the data to Google Fit for us. Please do this, as it's a huge loss of functionality and I am sure that if your forums were not so hard to find and didn't require sign up, you'd have thousands of other people chiming in requesting this feature.

    For now, it seems I'll need to keep using MFP sadly, because I absolutely hate it.

  • @Hilary any updates on this?

    This functionality used to work and I am still waiting for it to work again.

  • Hi @bobabadabouskie Cronometer does not export data to Google Fit, but you should be seeing your data from Google fit entering into Cronometer if you have the feature enabled. Is the data importing to Cronometer correctly?

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  • @Hilary, as @Bellamira, @DBB and @bartman have stated.... The expected functionality is: Food entered into Cronometer makes its way into the Strong lifting app by way of Google Fit.

    We all have seen this work in the past and has since stopped, probably after an update somewhere.

    It would be super rad if you/the team could make this work again, please and thank you.

  • Hi,

    I would also like this functionality to be developed.

    I input my weight to Cronometer and I want it on Samsung Health too...but there is no integration there either. I could use health sync from Google fit to Samsung Health, but I don't have a way to send the weight data from Cronometer to Google fit.

  • Any updates on this functionality? It seems to be a highly requested and expected feature for Google Fit (and, likely, other apps such as Samsung health, apple, Garmin, etc) to be able to pull (import) dietary info from cronometer in the same way that cronometer pulls activity info from google fit. It's helpful to have apps synchronize, and even nicer to not have to re-enter info multiple times to get the product we're wanting.

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