Incorrect Heart Rate...

For the past few weeks the heart rate at midnight has given an incorrect number for me. It's usually around 45-48 (and I've checked that in Apple Health) but Chronometer is showing reading near 100.

This really should be a customizable function where we can tell it what time to get the reading.


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    Hi @JGLongIsland, currently this reading is an average of all your heart rate readings for the day. If we have sufficient evidence that this is not how users would like to see this displayed we will be happy to look into changing it :)

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    Did the math/algorithm change? For a year mine has been around 50, now its saying 100. I know my heart rate average is not that high if my resting heart rate is around 45-48 while sleeping and around 50-60 for most of the day. I goes into the 150-160 range for about an hour 3 days a week during my masters swim practice, but that's only about 4% of the day.

    If it is an average you should make it clear.

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