Change Activity Level And Macros

last week I changed my activity from Sedentary to lightly active as I am trying to get back into my workout routine, when I did this my daily calorie target increased which I know is accurate however all of my previous entries have also changed to the new calorie increase which is not accurate as all those previous entries were done when I was on a sedentary level and therefore reflected that lower calorie intake at the time, this has thrown off my numbers on the trends chart for calories over/under because it has now put all my older entries as having calories left over due to the my new calorie increase. I also tried to change my macros and when I did that it also changed all my previous macros the new ones and that now has thrown all those numbers off as well. When making changes to activity level or macros those changes should not also change older entries as those older entries where entered according to what the calorie intake and macors were at that time. This is a bit disappointing because Cronomenter is all about accuracy however these changes totally mess up the accuracy when looking into the thends section. I'm hoping that this can get fixed with a new update.



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