Can't beet that…

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In my first 2 weeks of using cronometer, hitting a point of frustration; I'm sometimes eating a thing that there is no menu item for, and I'm not seeing any way in the Add Recipe section to fix the problem.

Most recent issue: trying to use the add recipe feature for a raw juice I make from fruits and vegetables, including juicing sweet potatoes. But there is presently nothing in the database, apparently, to represent sweet potato juice. In frustration, I just entered "6 cups sweet potatoes" because that's how much goes into making what is closer to 1.5 cups of sweet potato juice. So, sure, my diary will then calculate the right amounts of vitamin content, but has gone completely off the scale in such things as calories and carbohydrates. ** So the question: how does a food item in the up in the database so users can select it? ** Is it possible that I'm the only user of this program who juices sweet potatoes?? It seems unlikely.


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