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I've been using this for 4 months now, and really find it helpful. One thing that would be nice is a simple search history by food. Right now if I want to search for "eggs" or "ice cream" I have to make printed report and try find, but it finds text in descriptions. I don't expect it to find things that might have an egg, like a cake, just when I have logged as "eggs".

Another nice feature is to pick a metric like trans fat, find day above an amount to highlight which foods were responsible most for the trans fat. I can do this manually, but would be nice to automate better


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    Hi there!
    In regards to your first point, you can mark a food you use often as a 'favorite'. When you search for a food and have the food up in the search box, you will see a star icon. Click that making it yellow and a favorite. You can then see these foods in the 'favorites' tab making it faster and easier to find frequently used foods.

    As for tracking metrics, such as trans fat as you mentioned, I would recommend that you check out the Nutrient Targets Summary. In this section you can see top contributors of various nutrients. Further reading about this can be found here
    Hope this is helpful!

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