Tracking per week

Hi! I've just started using Cronometer, evaluating it, and so far it looks way better than others =)

But my diet is kinda non-standart, so I'm not sure how to visualize and efficiently track my calories deficit.
Basically, 4 times a week I consume less calories than required for deficit and 3 times -- more. So far it looks like I need to do manual calculation to know how many calories I can add on "non-hungry" days. Maybe I'm missing something and it's possible to see it with Cronometer? Or maybe it's possible if you have a Gold status?


  • @kassivas setting differing targets has been requested, and we are looking into a very large project to address customizable targets and target scheduling.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thanks! Even though it's an important feature for me, I've decided to go pro =)

    Until implementation and release I'll use simple Google Sheet to track "left to eat" calories. If anyone is interested, here is a screenshot with formulas:

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