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Hi! I've just started using Cronometer, evaluating it, and so far it looks way better than others =)

But my diet is kinda non-standart, so I'm not sure how to visualize and efficiently track my calories deficit.
Basically, 4 times a week I consume less calories than required for deficit and 3 times -- more. So far it looks like I need to do manual calculation to know how many calories I can add on "non-hungry" days. Maybe I'm missing something and it's possible to see it with Cronometer? Or maybe it's possible if you have a Gold status?


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    @kassivas setting differing targets has been requested, and we are looking into a very large project to address customizable targets and target scheduling.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    edited May 2019

    Thanks! Even though it's an important feature for me, I've decided to go pro =)

    Until implementation and release I'll use simple Google Sheet to track "left to eat" calories. If anyone is interested, here is a screenshot with formulas:

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    Did they ever add a way to do this?

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    @kassivas where did you take the number in B2 from please?

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    I think the column B values are from the Budget in the Calorie summary on the Diary page.

    I use the Calories chart on the diary set to "Net" calories over the "Last 2 weeks" to visually approximate my balance over the past several days (I also don't track calories burned in Chronometer - instead what Chronometer thinks is my calories burned is my target calories to consume). I'm not trying to cycle, just trying to average close to my target without getting super fussy about hitting targets on a daily basis.

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