Calorie Reduction Question (Keto)


I love this app and have been actively using every day. I calculated my macros using https://calculo.io/keto-calculator based on 0 level activity at a 30% deficit.

I entered that into Cronometer, also with no activity level, and try to hit as close to that as I can for my min/max calories for the day. I am tracking activity using Polar Beat but I notice that when I add exercise to Cronometer my Energy (kcal) number does not modify itself in any way.

Example, I eat 1500 calories a day and exercise for 400, Cronometer shows 1500 still. Am I doing something wrong?

If that is the way that it is intended to work, does that mean I now have 400 extra calories that I can eat in order to achieve my 30% deficit number? I do not want to do a bigger deficit than that as I am worried it is counter productive.


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