Cronometer Header Graphic is Too Tall in Vertical Height in Upper Left Side of Forum Software

The .PNG graphic file image of "cronometer" is too tall in vertical height in the upper left side of all your Forum webpages. When signed in w/account info in upper right the graphic for "cronometer" on upper left side is too tall, so that it causes a huge drop-down strip across the entire top of the webpage. This takes up almost 1/3 of my screen area, and this greatly limits the reading area underneath that entire top cross strip taking-up too much vertical height. I am using Microsoft's Edge browser with a 42" Large Screen, but I have to magnify to 150% to read it easily.

Please reduce the vertical height of that "chronometer" .PNG graphic to allow for more reading area under that top "drop down" strip going across the entire top of every webpage. It takes-up too much area from the reading section underneath, and it's annoyingly too tall in vertical height.

Thank you for your consideration.


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