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Im new to Crono and have been managing several patients over the years by other means.
However I like the Cronometer bc its a much easier UI

Question: Is there a way to set a clients/patients calories based on a % of there normal intake? I try not to be aggressive with my patients. Most can't sustain aggressive, so I like anywhere btn 15-20% cal deficit. Slow and Steady!

Question 2: Keto has drop down but it would be nice if we could base it caloric restriction on a % of normal intake. Maybe there is, but I am just not seeing it?


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    Hello @EliteHealth ,

    While you can’t set your patient’s calories to a % or their normal intake, you can set a weight loss goal. We have different options for the rate of weight loss! Here are the daily deficits needed for the different rates of weight loss.

    -0.5 lbs/week : -249 kcal
    -1.0 lbs/week : -499 kcal
    -1.5 lbs/week : -748 kcal
    -2.0 lbs/week: -998 kcal

    You can set a weight loss goal by following these steps:

    1) Go to the client's Profile tab
    2) Scroll down to the Weight Goal section
    4) Toggle On Show Weight Goal in Diary
    5) Choose a Goal Timeline

    The purple Calorie Budget box below the diary will now take into account your client’s weight loss goal.

    I’m not entirely sure I understand your question about the keto dropdown and % of calories.

    The way this calculation works is that we set a protein target based on your client's lean body mass and we set a fixed carbohydrate target (based on the chosen keto preset). The rest of your allotted calories come from the lipid component. So when you set a weight loss goal target, the fat target is reduced to reach the calorie deficit.

    If you are using Keto Settings, it is also really important that you and your client determine the Body Fat % to help the software calculate the targets correctly. With the Ketogenic diet setting, the protein target is based on the lean body mass. If you've never logged a body fat % biometric, the warning text box on the website explains that you need to log your body fat % so we know what it actually is (instead of the estimate). It’s impossible for us to calculate the lean body mass without you telling the program.


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