multiple problems using charts

Using charts I encountered the following defects:

Using "custom range" in the web version, there seems to be no other means to select a range that lies some years back than paging through all the months one by one. And then, when I finally reached the desired month, I forget to click a day and then crono gives me the current date and I can start the whole process allover.

Using custom range in the web version, one cannot simply chose another range. I found no other way than chosing some predefined range, say "last two weeks", display that, and then chose again "custom range" and now I can enter a new date range.

The app is good regarding the date choice, but as the app works only in portrait mode, the diagrams are horizontally too compressed, which prevents them from being well readable.
Question to the Crono team: Is there a reason why you inhibit usage of the app horizontally?

➞ in sum, neither the app nor the web version is good if one wants not only to enter data but actually use it, too. (I am not a native speaker, but isn't there some American saying: "I wanna have a cookie and eat it too" :) ?


  • Hi @Lolinda we are in the process of completing an overhaul of the charts page.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Thanks. Much appreciated.

    Question: Will that include viewing charts in the app while holding the phone horizontally (landscape view)?

    (The problem is that whatever improvements you do, not much will be visible in portrait view in the app as the charts are too small. Landscape view will make sure that all your hard work will actually deliver to the user in the form of well-readable charts)

  • We hope to have charts available in landscape as a part of this project!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • I am so so so happy there is a chance to get landscape view. Guess what, crono is the one and only reason (apart from a stupid e-banking app) to turn my phone around I always use everything in landscape mode bc typing with two thumbs is 2x faster.

    so please please please do this. My best greetings to Aaron and all the devs hoping they will implement this!

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    I noticed wonderful changes in the charts of the web version. Unfortunately, on mobile, landscape view was not part of any changes... Or is work on the Android app still ongoing?

    This is the problem with the portrait view:

    • extremely dense charts that are not lisible...

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