Meal Planning!

I sometimes wish there was a "scratchpad" of sorts where I could list all the foods (or meals) I plan to have that week and can plan them out in a sort of agenda -- so I can get a breakdown of nutrients across the week (by day, not averaged like on the "Trends" page) and plan my meals in a way that's balanced, given the food I have available that week.

Right now I'll sometimes use an empty day in the future to list all my food and manually group them out., but i would be awesome to have some kind of a meal planning view where you can put all your foods into one list and then get suggestions for how to divide them by day across one week, two weeks, whatever.

I imagine this could also be useful for families feeding more people than just themselves!


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    edited June 2019

    Thanks for the suggestion @starrynight25; I have passed this idea along to our design team. Sounds like you've found a decent workaround for now!

    Another workaround you could try is to use two diary groups, one labelled "Planned" and one labelled "actual". Then drag and drop your foods throughout the day. You can see the nutrition summary for each group separately if you click on the diary group header.

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