Deleting food from diary

Is it possible to delete food from the diary more than a week later?


  • Hi Eileen,

    You can edit any day you like! Your diary will default to today, but you can choose to journal any day by using the right and left arrows on the green date icon to go ahead or back by one day at a time.
    Expand the calendar widget to select a specific day to open in your diary.
    You can easily navigate between years or months by selecting the double or single arrows at the top of the calendar.

    To delete an item from your diary on the website, right-click (ctrl-click on a mac) the entry and select 'Delete Selected Items' from the menu.
    You can also select the item and choose delete from the settings menu (top right hand corner of diary).
    You can delete multiple items by holding the shift key while selecting each item, then perform the above actions.
    You can delete an item from the diary in the mobile version by swiping the entry to the left and selecting the red trash bin that will then appear.

    Learn more about editing diary entries on the website here:
    or the mobile app here:

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  • I have deleted items from my diary using the method you described; however, when I went back a couple of weeks, the delete option was not available (only edit a copy). It's not a big deal...I just wanted to reflect my actual intake of thick bacon :)

  • Hi Eileen,
    Had you marked the day as complete? If the day is marked as complete, mark it as inclomplete, delete the item, then mark it as complete again!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Yessss! That worked. Thanks.

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