prevent "copy current day" from causing a huge mess: copy all those entries on a wrong day

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It happened again: I used the very handy function "copy current/previous day" and unattentively copied it onto a wrong day that already had a lot of entries. Having several dozens of entries per day, this is quite a loss of time for cleaning up the mess. Could you please put in place a failsafe to prevent this common error? The following would do: IF there are more than a few entries already logged on that day AND there are more than a few entries in the copied day, THEN issue a warning like: "Do you really want to join the 52 entries of this day with the 73 entries of day 05.06.2019?" (It is important to mention the numbers of entries as those will allert the user that a huge mess is in the making!)

But even better would be an undo. I think everyone hates warnings and loves undos.

Important: It is not a solution to always issue a warning when using copy day/paste. After a few months of usage, one gets so used to it that one does not notice it consciously any more. One just clicks it away automatically.

PS: Thanks for having a multi-select in the app. This eases somewhat the burden of cleaning up the mess. But it is still a significant loss of time. Thanks also for having a feature to mark a day completed. This also helps. I highly appreciate these two features. Praise!! But they dont solve the problem, which would be almost fully avoidable having such a simple thing as a warning that comes only in case of real danger.


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    Hello @Lolinda ,

    Thanks for the suggestion! An undo button would be a great idea, not only for those that accidentally copy/paste, but also for those that accidentally delete a day!

    I'll add it to our list of much needed improvements!


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    I managed to do this on the mobile version so I am guessing it has not been implemented yet. Before getting to the stage of undo simply asking "Do you want to copy d1/mm/yyyy into d2/mm/yyyy?" would resolve most of the problems. This especially because the mess i had to undo was because I accidentally touched the screen and did not even realise the copy had happened.

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    I couldn't agree more with this suggestion. I've made that error SO many times, and the mess is usually impossible to clean up.

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    Doesn't it copy them in one place? Just select and then delete should work. Or, pay attention and don't expect a software program to think for you. This sounds harsher than I mean it, but come on, take a second to verify before copying.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

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    I think an undo button makes the most sense. Trying to accommodate how users think a warning should work (I'm seeing two different solutions being suggested so far) is too much coding as there will possibly be more scenarios suggested. Undo is clean and hopefully simple. comanchesue makes a good point, but I still would like to see an undo at some point. It would be a nice-to-have. Thx

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    Yes, undo button please!

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