High / Low Calorie days

Hi -

I’m new and trying to figure out if there is a way to create different macro sets for different days. Normally I do 4 higher days and 3 lower days per week. They aren’t set days, it normally depends on when I workout


  • Hi @Sarahjo we don't currently offer adjustable targets for different days but we hope to offer this in the future!

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  • Would like to see this feature too. As I don't currently use variable macros throughout the week, but I do use refeed days.

    Since my refeed days are far in between, calculating the macros in my head and tracking them in Cronometer is not a drain.

    Currently I do not mark this days as complete, so the data does not throw off my numbers under the "Trends" tab.

  • Agree with beerad, would be great for refeed days as those are very high in carb in very low in fats for me and usually are maintenance or above maintenance compared and higher in calories compared to non-refeed days.

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