Beans protein?

Quick question if anyone could answer as im quite lost...

On the dried beans pack i see about 20g protein for 100g

On canned beans i see 4g protein per 100g...

Now cronometer gives me 9g per boiled beans white per 100g...

So which one is it.....??

And yes most of the cans have aroun 4-5g protein per 100g

And same thing for canned i get 4g protein kidney beans per 100g canned
And about 20g dried..

but in cronometer if i add canned beans it gives about 8g.....

Im lost.... how can i get accurate or close results to reality....?


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    probably because dried beans are dried, while cooked and canned are rehydrated with water thus increasing the weight of individual beans.

    and canned also contains something else other than beans which means it's for the beans + whatever surrounds it, be it water or tomato sauce.

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