Please can someone explain the macronutrients target?

I have used Cronometer's targets, but I have now reached my goals and I want to increase my daily calorie intake. So I have set my calories to a minimum of 1500 and a maximum of 1800. However when I look at the diary it is showing 1305 calories burned. How do I get it to show a different number? Psychologically, it is making me feel bad, when I see the remaining with a 'over!' I know I am fine, but that sense of fulfilment, ticking that box is not there

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    Have you changed your BMR and Activity Level to "custom" yet? You can find the settings here:

    Web app -> Settings -> Profile -> Body Details section
    Phone app -> Settings -> scroll down to BMR and Activity Level

    Are you able to override that 1305 burned to the values you set there?


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