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It’s spring time and I have a lot of garlic scapes from the garden. But I can’t find them listed in Cronometer. How can I get them listed in the foods?

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    I'm no expert but since nobody replied in three days I'll tell you what I think. The general answer to "how to get them listed" is:

    • scan it in from a bar code
    • ask the mods to add it
    • enter the data yourself as a custom food

    My problem is where to get the data to enter. The more reliable sources I could find seem to be just using the numbers for fresh garlic bulbs which common sense alone tells us isn't right but doesn't help figure out what is.

    So I hope somebody gives you a better answer but if it was me until better information is available from a trusted source, I'd just enter it as raw garlic with a mass measurement like grams or ounces. It probably overstates the calories a little but this stuff isn't an exact science.

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    Thanks OldHobo you put a lot of work in that response and I appreciate it. I ended up just not counting them in the recipe and since they were part of a mix of veggies I don’t think it caused my calorie count to be off by that much. Scape season is so short it may not be worth the trouble to add them 😀

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