New Beta Feature: Charts Revamp

Hi Everyone,

We have just pushed a beta build that has an awesome new feature for you all the check out! Our new charting feature is a major change to the way the app works, and we are really excited to see what you think. Read the details and descriptions below and be sure to send us your feedback!

New Charts
We have rebuilt the charting feature from scratch so you can take your data analysis to the next level.

Here are all the amazing details:

  • Gold subscribers will have access to many new built-in charts that graph multiple biometrics and nutrition data on the same graph. We now support graphing things like the Glucose Ketone Index, standard lipid panels, and more. There are lots more on the way, so let us know what you want!
  • In addition to the charts we built, you can create your own charts with any combination of two biometrics and/or nutrients. Now it is easy to see how much your blood glucose spikes after you eat a meal, or how your weight changes as you adjust macro or calories. The possibilities are endless.

For you long time trackers, we are very interested in how the new charts feature helps you visualize the data that is important to you, so let us know how you use it. Let us know what you think and if you encounter any issues. Good luck!



P.S. iOS users will have to wait a little bit for Apple to review the build before it shows up in Testflight, but you should receive a notification as soon as its ready!

Spencer D.
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  • I like the charts, esp. custom.

    What does the Glucose Ketone Index represent? How is it calculated? For today my Glucose is 99 but shows 93 on chart, Ketones are 1.3, shows 1.4 on chart, my GKI is, by my calculation, (Glucose/18)/Ketones, is 4.2, on chart shows 66.43.

    I created a custom for Blood Pressure as I would only be interested in Blood Pressure without the pulse.

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    Will we be getting the same chart options in the desktop app? These old eyes like looking at charts in the desktop. :)

  • You sure will @fallwalker - for now though, the beta version is only accessible on mobile!

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    Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) is a is a ratio of Blood Glucose (mmol) divided by Blood Ketones (mmol).  The ratio of blood glucose to blood ketones is a clinical biomarker for metabolic management. (

    If you have used the mg/dL unit option when logging your biometrics, the units will be normalized to mmol for the GKI calculation (Right Axis) You may still choose to plot mg/dL for your Glucose and Ketone data points (Left Y Axis).

    GKI will be calculated for biometric pairs (Blood Glucose and Blood Ketones). Entries are paired in the order they appear in the diary, or if they have timestamps then the closest timed entry (within 10 minutes).

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  • Thanks Hilary,

    The GKI is calculating correctly. The only issue I see is the Include Today option does not work. The values for today was not included in the graph.

    Entered values Glucose (mg/dL) and Ketones (mM) for the last week
    In Trends, clicked on Glucose Ketone Index graph to open
    Scrolled down to options
    Verified Include Today is positive
    Expected: Marker on line showing today's values
    Actual: Shows marker for July 4, line to July 5 but no marker. See attached screen shots.

  • Hi ,
    will it be possible to set a kind of filter for the graph generation ?

    My example:
    I am measuring my blood pressure in the morning and in the evening.
    Now I would like to see the graph for the blood pressure either using the morning or evening data but not mixing both entries.

  • @fallwalker thanks for reporting this; I have passed this along to our developers!
    @mk75 unfortunately not for this iteration, however, that is a great feature request for future; I will add it to our list!

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  • I like the new charts , a suggestion is to allow filter to show Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You can allow a setting for the user to decide what day starts the week. I only measure waist once a week and weigh daily. I like the chart to compare weight to waist.

  • Thanks for the feedback @fallwalker I have passed this along to our design team

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  • Hi,
    The new chart presentation is not consistent between devices.
    In the mobile app the values are stacked as: Fat -> Protein -> Carbs
    But in the website they're stacked as: Protein -> Carbs -> Fat

    I like how the values are organized in the mobile app.
    This new presentation is way better to see!

  • @gfurtadoalmeida :s Thanks for catching this before it goes public!

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