Strava and Apple Health

Hi, I looked around for an answer but didn't find one. I recently started using Cronometer and I really enjoy it. I linked Strava and Apple Health, however, I am not sure if I am double counting my activity. Apple Health imports automatically, Strava, however, only when I record an activity. So if I record a walk with Strava, will those same steps/calories be counted with Apple Health and thus, increase my exercise/activity calorie cushion by twice as much? Thank you!


  • Hello @Jchav ,

    That's a great question! I don't have an exact answer for you. If you are wearing an Apple Watch, it is possible that it is also tracking your movement at the same as Strava is tracking an activity.

    Strava or Apple would probably be able to give us a clearer answer on this!


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  • Thank you for responding, Marie-Eve. To be safe I am going to unlink Strava and just record my activities using Apple Health. Which is no big deal for me. Thanks again!



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