Option To Set Default Measurement

It'd be very helpful to be able to set a default measurement (for me, the perfect one is gram).

As is now, when entering a number of foods, sometimes I don't pay close attention to the various default measurements and then get crazy results (for instance, Spring Onions is per stalk and I was incredibly impressed with its vitamin E content, until I realized that I had inadvertently entered the value for the weight in grams instead).

Thank you!


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    the more you use certain foods, Cronometer will start to remember your preferred serving size. So on foods you use often with the grams serving size selected, it should default to grams.

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    Thanks, Hilary. I noticed that it does appear to learn some, but it's really stubborn on others (like the spring onions I mentioned above).

    Also, for rarely used foods, it still brings up non-gram measurements. It would make entries easier if I could just force grams as default. As it is, I still have to hunt a bit too often to identify which item's measurements I screwed up.

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    I would like an option to override the "learning algorithm" and just set a default serving, particularly for custum recipes. Of course, I should be able to switch back to using 'most frequent'.

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