Calorie counting confusion

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Hey guys! I hope I’m doing this image sharing thing right. I just started using cronometer again after having used it early last year. I seem to remember the main bar at the top counting down calories left for the day based on the limit you set. So I set my daily calorie limit to 1350 but the only options I can find are calories eaten minus calories burned, or calories eaten minus whatever the weight loss goal is (1lb/week, etc).


Can anyone help me figure this out? Im hoping it’s a default change they made since I stopped using it and I just can’t figure it out. Thanks!

TL;DR - How can I make my calorie balance read as calories in - calorie goal set (1350) for the balance left for the day instead of calories in minus calories burned?


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    You ncan set your weight goal in the settings page! Make sure you have toggled ON the "Show weight goal in diary" option to see the breakdown in your summary charts at the top of your diary screen.
    You can learn more about this here: https://cronometer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360019870952

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    I have the same question / concern / feature request.

    The Calories Burned in the top center of the first pane of the shows the BMR plus the activity level. (Plus the exercise if you want to see that, I don’t personally use that.)

    To set the target surplus or deficit, you can’t manually set the target by a number of calories or percentage of TDEE, just by targeted weight loss or gain per week, and it is automatically calculated. And to see it, you need to swipe between the first and second panes, which is not optimal.

    What I would prefer to be able to do is to manually set the number of calories (or percentage of TDEE) as a surplus or deficit, see Targeted Calories in the center of the first pane at the top of the diary.

    That would be much more logical IMO, to see Consumed, Target, Remaining across that first pane...

    (Or have it be configurable between the two.)



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