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(For some reason I can't type in the reply field on the other thread, though I can type in others.)

I like the multi-add. I am not so happy that it's not optional. I tried turning on multi-add and then turning it back off. Still got check boxes.

They're fine, except that there's an extra confirmation step at the end, after I've said "save" (for the one item). I'm sure I'll get used to it, butt I wanted to mention that at least for this one user, it's pretty unintuitive. (I've had to go back and stay over a few times because I've thought I've done and the diary shows nothing.)



  • okay, this is embarrassing. apparently it worked, the next time I started the app.


  • Hi @AnotherAlex ,
    I am not sure I entirely understand, however I should note that the option to turn on/off multiadd will be removed from the settings tab, as with this new flow it is now redundant. Can you explain further the specifics on what you found the most unintuitive?

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  • Oh, yuck. That explains why it keeps texting to multi-add though.

    I used to be able to add a food directly. now I pick a good and instead of getting a box with the macros and a button to tap, I get a screen with all kinds of words and have to scroll to see the macros. Then, once I've chosen the food, I have to remember to "save" -- because Chronometer is assuming it's a list of items. I find it pretty clunky,

    I am working on learning the extra step, because I keep exciting the thing because I've chosen the food I want. (When I do tha diary doesn't get updated, and I need to start over)

  • Thanks for your continued constructive feedback @AnotherAlex ! I have passed this along to the team, and we hope to be able to provide you with a nice solution for this before it is released to the public! Let us know if you have any further thoughts about how to make this more usable for you!

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  • lots of typos above, but I figure they're mostly obvious. just, exciting was supposed to be exiting. you probably knew that :)

    anyway, thanks for listening... I personally will adapt to the new way of entering stuff, and then I'll be happy, because I'm still madly in love with Cronometer. I just figure I should give you my honest reaction, because I'm probably not the only one who will feel that way. maybe.

  • You got it @AnotherAlex ; we are looking for brutal honesty from our beta testers as we hope to use your feedback to improve the app before it gets to the public!

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