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Hello. When I enter a custom food the only serving size option available to me is grams. How can I add ounces, tsp, etc?


  • Click the green + above the serving size! You can enter as many different serving sizes as you like, as long as there is a gram value associated with them

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  • Hi, Hilary! Clicking that green + still gives me just the grams measurement. How do I get something other than grams?

  • You can delete the gram value, then change the other entries to the units you would like. For instance, change [1][serving][100g] to [2][Cups][-]

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    Please forgive my intrusion. Apologies in advance if it adds more confusion than light to the subject.

    I think this what the original poster is trying to do.

    The "trick" to doing it is to first change Weight Based to Servings Based. On my monitor, this is done by changing the value in a drop-down dialog box to the right of "Serving Sizes" and plus sign in the green circle. I don't know why that box doesn't show up in vfayes screenprint though.

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  • OH, I think I finally understand! You can't delete the grams; you enter other measurements (cups, oz., etc.) under "serving sizes" and also enter the grams. Eureka!
    Thanks, Hilary and OldHobo!

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