How do I remove Google Fit Steps Data?

I use Fitbit Versa to track steps.

This morning, I was playing with the settings and saw that Google Fit is available, and thought that it would be nice to store my nutrients intake there as well. So I connected Cronometer to Google Fit.

The problem is, I am now seeing a bunch of steps/calories spent entries from Google fit, which are completely throwing off the data accuracy, since they duplicate to a large extent the Fitbit Versa daily data.

I immediately unlinked Google Fit from Cronometer, but the bad Google Fit data remains.

How do I delete it?

BTW , I was looking at the settings, because since the FitBit Android app update to 3.1 yesterday, it stopped syncing with Cronometer. I just saw that it resumed syncing with Fitbit today, but it has still not synced yesterday's data.


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    edited July 2019

    Nevermind. I couldn't delete from the Android app, but was able to delete the Google Fit data from the web app. Had to do it manually for each day, but lucking it had synced only a few days back.

    It would be nice if there was selective sync with Google Fit, so that I can still sync my data to it, but not import any. Is there such an option (I may have missed it)?

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