Recipes don’t appear in food list

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I just added a recipe in My recipes section but it doesn’t appear in the food list so I am unable to add it to my food diary. What’s going on? Thank you

Edit: I managed to add only if I add the recipe while I am in the Food secrtion but recipes added directly in My recipes section don’t appear in the Food list.


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    Hi @Kle

    Thanks for letting us know. I am not positive based on your description, but I think that is by design. You have to go to the Foods section and create a recipe or food manually. This will not add it to your diary. Once you create it, it will show up in the search when you click Add Food and type in what you named it.

    Again, I am not totally clear what you are experiencing, so if that didn't help, can you email support@cronometer.com and provide a bit more detail? That way we can help resolve whatever you are experiencing.



    Spencer D.
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    Hello! I will try to explain better. I added the first recipe by these steps: MY FOOD >My recipes>Add new recipe and everything worked fine till I wanted to add it to my diary but when going to do Diary>Add food the recipe doesn’t appear in the food list.

    The second time I added the recipe in this way:

    DIARY>Add food> cliccked on the + above > Add recipe and everything went well and the recipe is there in the food list.

    Why with the first procedure didnt’t work?


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    @Kle are you using the web version or the mobile app? If you search for your recipe by name, does it show up?

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    I am using the app on Iphone. I added the recipe twice as described above. Both appeared in the section My recipes but not in the Food list. Only the recipe added with the second method appeared in the food list. The first one didn’t.

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    @kle I'm wondering if you remembered to save the recipe the first time? If it wasn't saved, it wouldn't appear on the list of recipes.

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    Yes was saved. In fact it did appear in the Myrecipes section but not on the food list :-) Make a try and you will see.

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    Sorry to bump and old thread, but I'm having this exact problem.

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