Correcting total Protein Intake for Protein Utilization

Probably more of a Gold-Member feature but:
It would be nice to have a button or so that when pressed shows you how many grams of protein ur body (most likely" actually absorbed from the foods you ate.
Reasoning behind that is that as you may or may not know different foods are differently bioavailable - like for example soy has 60% bioavailabity whereas eggs has 95% -- could make a big difference if someone wants to reliably hit...say 1.8gProtein/kg bodyweight of protein.


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    In general, the nutrient values in foods do not take into account absorption rates. This would depend not only on the food itself, but other foods you are eating with it. Instead, the absorption of nutrients is taken into account when setting the nutrient targets, to make sure that we get enough in a mixed diet, even though absorption is not 100% of intake.

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