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Hi, loving the app so far. Is there a way to track the time between meals? For instance for those who practice Fasting and meal timing, it would be cool to go back and see I had 5 hours between lunch and dinner, or it has been or was 16 hours since my last meal, maybe even with a reminder with a customized time? (example, "Alarm me when its been XX hours since last food entry"). I know I can see the times of entries directly in the diary, but it would make it easier to see it auto calculated and displayed on the diary page.



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    We are hoping to add some support for fasting into the software soon! Thanks for the suggestion; I will pass your thoughts along to the design team

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    I would also love to see more fasting related features. It would be great for the app because fasting is so popular.
    I fast 19-22 hours at least 5 days a week and I do an extended fast once a month. There's no problem using Cronometer as is for this. I use the nutritional summary to make sure that in spite of fasting I still maintain levels of nutrients.
    It's fun seeing the fast days on the charts. Also I use the notes to record how many hours I fasted in a day.
    Your usability and customer base would soar if you included truly useful tools for fasting!
    Also, a simple GKI calculator! That's the ratio between ketones and glucose. Great tool for tracking autophagy! There's another buzz word to drive traffic to your app.

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