Calories burned on elliptical in 20 minutes not correct.

Hello I created an elliptical exercise entry of 20 minutes and the app says that I burned 113 kcal during the 20 minutes. But the elliptical machine says I burned 280 kcal. How can I adjust how many calories I actually burned in that 20 minute time frame to reflect what it says on the elliptical machine.

Thanks Ed.

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    You could multiple the minutes till it tallies? But you can create a custom exercise using a browser and not the app.

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    Yes thanks for the advice. Tweaking the minutes spent on the elliptical to match the true caloires burned would work; however, I would like to accurately keep track of how many minutes per week I spend on the elliptical. Tweaking that metric would make it unusable. I think I will look into your other method of creating a custom exercise on the web. Are you talking about the web version of chronometer? Also my other question is how does the chronometer app calculate that I only burned 113 calories on the elliptical in 20 minutes when in fact I burned 265. Where does it get its calculation from?



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    edited July 2019

    Are you talking about the web version of chronometer? Yes

    Dunno I'm just a user like you, otherwise I'd be cleaning up their crdb data as it's pretty bad in spots :)

    Maybe one or more of your metrics are incorrect height/weight?

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    Yup I couldn't be more stupid lol. I did the elliptical today and it showed in 20 minutes I burned around 127 Cal. Exactly what chronometer says. The problem is I was looking at the estimated calories burned in one hour that is also displayed on the elliptical which said 268 Cal's. Sorry to have wasted your time. Perhaps I will eventually get to a point where I am doing one hour on the elliptical and it will actually be 280 calories I burn. Lol


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